The people in CHI Saskatoon invite you to engage in a variety of gatherings of varying natures each week, month and year.  We build connection, strength and energy for the emergence of community focused on healing people and culture, consciously co-creating, and helping to build a world that works with life.

All CHI invitations are to people — to you as the soul and spirit you are in this life.  CHI asks us to leave our uniforms and labels at the door so that we can connect soul to soul first, and then effect positive change in our circles, livelihoods and society.

As we grow in capacity with new people, our communications for engaging will evolve.  If you would like to bring capacity to developing our communications, please let us know.  We could really use the help!

For now you will find our events listing in our Village of Saskatoon Facebook group.  If you have events or services of your own that fit with CHI’s character, values and vision, please let other village members know by sharing them there as well.

For larger events requiring ticket purchases in advance, you can find our events on Picatic.  Special events will also be included in our current event list here on this site with a link to Picatic for online purchasing.

If your event is especially resonant and might nest well in CHI content, or if you have an idea or desire to collaborate with CHI for healing, learning or creating, let us know.