Women’s Sharing Circle + Potluck Lunch

Friday, July 7, 2017
Friday, July 14, 2017
Friday, July 21, 207
No circle July 28 or August 4th
Watch for updates to activities in August.

Sharing Circle from 9:30 – 11:30 am
Potluck lunch, noonish, disperse by 1:30 pm.
Children are welcome.
Come for either part or both.
Voluntary donations of material or service nature toward the work of the Community Healing Initiative are gratefully accepted and not required.

♥ Please share the love. ♥

If you are a woman looking for company and sisterhood….
If you want to find others who you can connect with over challenges and opportunities…
If you want to feel supported with sisters of all ages and archetypes – visionaries, healers, teachers and warriors for love….
If you want to feel safe in vulnerability….
If you are doing something exciting or helpful for our times….
If you want to be encouraged in your creativity….
Enhanced by cooperation and grounded mirroring….
Safer and happier in the world in the arms of sisterhood…

If you want the kind of community that will surf the ups and the downs with you, while getting serious about finding the ways to channel our love into the world in the way that we need so that we can ALL be well…

Please join us Friday mornings at Patti’s house.  (Call ahead to be sure, for the occasional exceptions.  306-229-1978)

If Friday mornings don’t work for you, but you’d really like to be part of something like this, then please let us know at connect@chisaskatoon.ca, and we will see how we might be able to provide support to help you find another circle or start your own.

This women’s sharing circle comes from the hub of CHI Saskatoon, The Community Healing Initiative. We are a gathering and conversation among ordinary people, self-organizing for conscious, connected, caring and naturally co-creative community.

We are working together to heal and renew the feminine, to reconcile and reunite with the masculine, and to remember our natural state and earthly responsibilities in a soulful, peaceful, wise and village-like way.

Please send an email to connect@chisaskatoon.ca to let us know you are coming and get the address.  Or, you can check in via our event notice on facebook.



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