CHI Community Healing & Building Network Gathering

Please join us!
Saturday evening, April 29th & Sunday, April 30th
at Ancient Spirals, 15 minutes south of Saskatoon. 

If you are a healing facilitator, a leader, an elder, a visionary or anyone else…

Who is working with Soul’s Call to come present with and acknowledge what is going on in our world and respond for the very life and the honest joy of all beings…

If you are developing your own gifts, knowledge, wisdom, compassion and compass for helping to co-create a world that works for life…

If you are committed to living for the kind of truth and love that is a healing way through the troubles within and without in our times, in how we relate to ourselves and each other, to earth and to life…

If you are looking for meaningful connections with others in everyday life and livelihood that are based in truth, love, joy, nature and soul-driven creativity and cooperation from the ground up…

If you are looking for a pack, a tribe, and a community where you can be supported and supportive for everyone’s health…

If you are ready to join hands in co-causing communities for the future that render our old world obsolete,

Then please come to be welcomed, to welcome others and participate in our collective emergence as a community of people healing ourselves and the world we make.

We will gather in the beauty of Ancient Spirals Retreat, riverside, surrounded and held well in the powers of Nature, Spirit, and Village.

Fireside Chat – Saturday evening beginning at 7 pm.
Bring your own snacks and beverage, instruments and outdoor gear. This is for having some fun and relaxing in.
Community Conversation & Networking
Sunday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm with POTLUCK lunch around noon.

We will introduce you to the founding values from nature and village that CHI is emerging through, followed by group sharing, connecting and mapping over dreams, concerns, resources and needs.

Please bring a water bottle and or travel mug, comfortable clothing for indoors and out, an offering for Sunday’s potluck lunch, a drum or other circle instrument if you are so equipped and inclined, and your business cards or other livelihood communication materials.

Be sure to tell the people in your world who you think would like to know about this to help us build and grow strong in connected and caring community.
Please RSVP with an email to to help us know how many and who to expect.

Children & Spouses welcomed and encouraged.

Dogs welcome outdoors, supervised. Please pick up after your furry friend.

Donations to fund the organizing work of consciously healing and co-creating community via CHI will be gratefully received.

Please direct questions to Patti Lindgren Gera, 306-229-1978 or


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