An Invitation to Shift with CHI: Community Healing Centre Visioning

Entry by Patti Lindgren Gera, CHI Co-founder

This is our first hello for 2017 and an invitation to join us in the next level of CHI emergence.  Full details on the event in the subject line, image and video are located on this page of the website.  This blog entry is combination invitation and summary on how we came to be here in this place.

First off, because there are still many holes in the web presence due to our meager emerging resources, and CHI still largely unknown, I want to begin this post with a few very basic characteristics about this project.  Hopefully they will help you to find your bearings on what kind of ground it comes from and takes its stand.

CHI is an acronym for community healing initiative and also the word in Chinese medicine used to describe life force.  When we take bumps and knocks, energy gets pinched and can stagnate, causing illness.

My co-founder in this CHI Experiment, Esther Stenberg — who is a practicing physician and psychotherapist in Saskatoon and the keeper of Ancient Spirals Retreat — is the being who brought Community Healing Initiative (CHI) through as a name to express and carry this active experiment we are bringing into the world.

Our base principles for going about the work are:

  • to attune to and practice our original intelligence and orientation as living beings in a living world,
  • expressing the essential creative essence of our souls,
  • act in service to healthy community (village)
  • within a vision for the future that is a peaceful, fulfilling and vital existence
  • made equally possible for all by each of us stepping up to share responsibility, resources, creativity and needs.

Esther and I started working together in the spring of 2014, rather randomly in many ways at first, and then gradually more and more intentionally, more wisely, and to greater effect.  We have been intentionally gestating CHI for just over two years and came out publicly with a soft launch in March of 2016.

Falling in love with the mystery might be the secret to success if there is to be such a thing.  Certainly, we must come to terms with a kind of creative tension, within ourselves and among ourselves, and in the world at large, that is not the likes of what we are accustomed to.  I don’t think it matters who we are, this is a truth embedded in human existence at this time, and it is also much easier said than done, and for some, still yet out beyond belief in what is possible.

Things change significantly, though, for bearing the tension of stepping into what I call the original intelligence and orientation; for being a willing participant in a human experiment as a spirit and a soul within the context of one’s ecologies of all kinds.

The shift in orientation from working stiff to a living being in a living world is significant in any moment when we ask ourselves and each other questions that bypass the structures of belief and society, entering the transcendentally valuable existential zone of nature, spirit and soul.

Questions like:

What’s really going on here? /  What is my life really about?  /  What kind of power am I?  / How do I spend myself? /  What am I making with myself?  / How am I showing up?  / What am I responsible for? /  What is needed most today?  /  What does my soul have to say about needs, and wants and fears and plans?   /  And yours?  /  What grief and praise do I have for the cauldron of human transformation and renewal?   /  Am I good with Grandmother Ocean, or have I got tears to return?  / What is the new dream that knocks at me in the daytime, the nighttime and the in between?  /  What is life asking me to birth?   / What have you and I got to do with each other? /  What is next on our quest?

What’s even bigger than us, that is The Idea, that One giant unifying orgasmic Idea, so exciting and potent and fertile, that we all want to create within it, and gestate together until we birth a new earth?  

Chi is lifeforce in its original use.  In our application, it’s the lifeforce that we all share, by separately and together in community.  It is a healing idea, release of stuck energy, a breaking of a dam….it is the freedom by which energy gets to move the way it wants from soul to soul.

It’s All My Relations, Ubuntu, Minga, Familia – and all the words from many places and languages that, in their own essence, sum up the essence of all life:  inter-relations, non-duality, unity, life, and community.

Today we are happy and excited to invite you to join us to share in the visioning and building of a community healing centre. 

Today we are happy and excited to report that we’ve made it this far, that we’re still in the river and on the winds, and that we’re not giving up.

Today we are happy and excited to report that we are growing, slowly, deeply, and well.  Spirits in action.  One foot in front of the other, together, side by side.  We’re showing up, practicing truth, paying attention, and remaining, always – even when its hard – open to receive and to give,  and to outcome, and to something audacious, like growing alert and wise.


From January 27th to 29th, we are holding space for a new leg in the CHI experiment to begin, and if you’re seeing this, then we hope that you might be One of those who’s here on your purpose by chance or design; and that you might just say:

“Yes! I feel called.  Yes, I am ready.  Here I go, deep breath…leaning in.”

Before I go, I want to express gratitude to the Ancestors, all good teachers who have led us to this day and to the many individuals, good humans like you, who have done something specific and special to help the cause by showing up, sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing perception, sharing talent, being courageous, getting vulnerable and dirty, falling down, standing up, maintaining resilience, and carrying yourself on.  Thank you all so much.

We hope you enjoyed our home-made video invitation. If you feel called, please join in the possibilities of growing together like this from the ground up. and share it with the friends who you think are also looking, needing and longing for something true to essence like this.

WE can do this fellow humans.  The mount is steep, the learning curve high.  But we’ve already been at it for quite some time already now, haven’t we?  Yes we have.  We can and are being and becoming better all the time.

We can do this.  We must do this, and even better, we are already doing this.  Onward ho, to our next realm.

Full details on this event are located on this page of the website.

Let’s Minga – which translates (in my words) from Quechua into English as ‘big work, all together, short time’.

We look forward to co-creating with you.

Patti Lindgren Gera
Co-founding being of the Community Healing Initiative (CHI)
with Esther Stenberg and Patricia Smith and our growing circle of co-creators.


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