An Invitation to Community Building

Location is Ancient Spirals Retreat, 15 minutes south of Saskatoon
Directions here.

Thursday December 29th – 9:30 – 7:30
Come & Go or Come & Stay Community Day w/Potluck Supper at 5 pm.
Bring food (labeled with ingredients please)
Bring instruments or games
Warm clothes for being outside
A water bottle or hot drink cup for time spent in the big room

Come, see friends and make new ones.
Get a sense of welcoming into a village that cares with its roots in life.

If you’d like to stay over, a bed is $11 per person for the night.

Friday December 30th – Time in the Hub of CHI – 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
A Day of Exploring Ourselves in the Hub of the Community Healing Initiative –
Potluck Lunch

Sharing perspectives, learning about CHI ideas and maps, finding one’s own position as both a giver and receiver in community.

In the evening we will celebrate the old year passing and the new year to come for those who wish.

Friday’s CHI building will be of particular interest to people who are looking for a place to put their energy and gifts wisely toward the transformation of our communities of all sizes into rooted, life-giving, care for everyone.

Are you tired of wondering how you can help in a time when our world is confused and hurting to the degree it is today?  Do you wonder what’s happening in the larger picture, or are you a big picture researcher, needing others to share and sort your findings with?  Are you a new kind of leader for a world that works based in kind and generative principles, a natural healer, a medicine person, or someone who is embedded in the systems we have and is looking for solutions that are difficult to find on the usual pathways?

We are working to establish a strong frequency by working with those who are ready to step into a new conversation, to share their gifts, and to plug into the making of the kind of community that catalyzes transformative and holistic community building work.

We will explore the maps for village and natural intelligence we are guided by in this emerging experiment, including the ideas for a council, a community healing facilitator’s network, eldership circles, women’s circles, men’s circles, and visionary circles and a central hub for co-creative community building through livelihood or service.

The Community Healing Initiative is about waking and and stepping up into a new conversation that treats the troubles of our world as though the very fate of humanity and creation was in the care of the village.

Everyone has a gift and a contribution to make.  Please join us.  Send a note to let us know you’re coming if you can to  If you have questions, please call Patti at 306-229-1978.

To see Patti’s casual and heartfelt video invitation, please go here.

Reciprocity for both days is voluntary and flexible.  All donations, financial, goods or services, will go toward the work of building the Community Healing Initiative together, catalyzing our transformation into an awakened community, consciously healing and co-creating.


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