One World Cafe: Reviving the Commons

1pm -7pm, Sunday, December 4, 2016

One World Café in CHI at Ancient Spirals Retreat
15 minutes south of Saskatoon – Get Directions

Reviving the Commons, Reviving Care
This is a community conversation for waking up to what is going on in the world and responding as if the fate of all beings and the rest of creation was held in the care of the village.

with Patti Lindgren and Esther Stenberg, co-founders of the Community Healing Initiative (CHI)

CHI is a grassroots experiment in co-creating space for the emergence of a community that is connected in our shared humanity, with practical co-creativity that is kind and in harmony with nature key.

We are working to co-create a space where we can be ourselves, be heard, share skills and practice active participation in the revival and permanence of community, nurtured by our capacities for care and reason.

We invite you to join us for a commons conversation to be part of CHI (lifeforce) building.

Afternoon Conversation, Potluck Supper and early-evening Closing Circle.

1 pm     –  Greetings and settling in
1:30pm – One World Café
4 pm      – Potluck preparations & visiting
4:45 pm – Potluck Supper
5:30 pm – Clean up & visiting
6:15 pm – Closing Circle
7:00 pm – Conclude

If you can take a few moments for tidying up the place and getting supplies out to cars at 7 pm, your help will be appreciated; and if you’ve kids to get to bed, off you go home!

Children are welcome and encouraged.
Maximum Capacity – 48

Voluntary contributions of resources to the work of CHI building will be gratefully received.

To help us with organizing, please register your intentions to participate and say something about why you are interested within an email to  Questions may be directed here as well, or you can call Patti Lindgren at 306-653-7086 for a chat.

If you need to change your plans for coming after registering, please let us know that as well.


Our Approach
We set the intention to hold this space in village form, in a mythic context, with life’s initiations into eldership, partnership, parenthood, and coming of age in mind and heart while we open to share and witness the words of trouble and potential that live in the people of our community.

We will open with a prayer and a call for assistance from the Ancestors.  We will have water and soil, nature and fire, mineral and our gifts on hand as wild medicine helpers.

While we share and witness, the children can play together nearby, coming and going in the conversation with their own wild timing, as do they do on ordinary days.

Those in the life stage of eldership will take responsibility for holding our emerging community’s circle with care by bearing witness.  Elders have a specific assignment, are asked to prepare themselves in advance by reading this brief eldership preparation piece:  eldership-curriculum-brief

Eldership students and veterans are asked to arrive by 12:15 for a short live orientation to be ready to welcome everyone else when they start turning up around 1 pm.

Once we are in circle, those in the life stages of partnership, parenthood, and coming of age (13 & up) will each have 3 minutes to share something inspired by these questions:

How are you doing?  What is happening for you?
What do you suppose is at the roots of this from a personal and/or community health perspective? What would be helpful for you at this time?  What do you need? 

After this sharing is complete, we will break into smaller groups, organizing ourselves for diversity, and go to the white space on the wall to spend some time sharing our creativity further, stirred by these questions:

If we had a community to help with this kind of trouble and potential, that was connected, caring, and flowing with the energy of nourishments that people need…

How might it look and work?
How would you be getting what you need while helping others do the same?
Where and how might you fit in?

We will socialize through the supper hour, sharing in preparations and cleanup.

When we are finished with our meal, we will go back into the big room for a closing circle, each sharing very briefly – one minute – with our final thoughts.  Those from the eldership group will share last.  We will finish with gratitude and a blessing.

From this day’s experience, we ask everyone to consider continuing to flow with us in this experiment of emerging community, realistic with trouble and potential both, intentional about organizing ourselves to help revive the principles of care, reason and connection and walk them into the world together each day.

We will build forward from wherever we end up.

We intend that this conversation be an opening for touching grief, ideas and dreams for the future.  While we won’t have time to go deeply into any of these on this day, what comes out will inform CHI building moving forward.

Please help us invite others to help make the most of this opportunity for community healing and co-creativity.

We have set our intentions and prayers for a balanced mix of people on the masculine to feminine spectrum, with concentrations through life stages of eldership (12), partnership and parenting (24), and coming of age (12).

The numbers in brackets represent the ideal numbers in each stage for balance, based on our capacity for 48 people.

As previously stated, children under 13 are welcome and encouraged, and free to play with the other children or sit among the adults as they wish.

Yours in the Spirit of Soul in Community ~ Esther & Patti


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