Welcome to CHI Saskatoon

The Community Healing Initiative (CHI) is for people who are looking for new ways to address dis-ease in their bodies, hearts, spirits and minds; in their families, livelihoods and communities, including the systems by which we share the bounty and responsibility and joy our shared world offers to us, simply for being here.

CHI is for people who want to be part of a holistic process of healing and guiding that walks humanity into a culture of connection with Earth and each other, in the heart, with love, cooperation and regeneration our goal, rather than fear, competition and death.

CHI is for people who wish to move into wellness themselves and collectively, by the powers of Nature, Spirit, Soul, Genius, Eldership and Community we all possess within.  It is for people who need relief, for those who are bored, for those who are ready for their next steps into leading, healing, eldership, and genius.

CHI is a technology for village and life that comes from life.  It is emergent and essential, a product of wild loving nature.

CHI Saskatoon is the first experiment with the technology.

Saskatonians are leading the way by coming together for honest connection, playing in the maps, celebrating, grieving, connection, and co-creating.  We are strengthening ourselves to strengthen our families, to strengthen our neighbourhoods, our towns and cities, our provinces and countries, our beautiful world.

Whoever you are, whether you have needs or resources to help fuel the engine of community healing and renewal, all are equal, all are welcome, and CHI welcomes You.


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