CHI is a grassroots response to modern trouble.

CHI is a living, breathing initiative toward an economy of life, with our contributions recognized in all of their forms ~ from need, to talent, to knowledge, wisdom, perspective and materials.

CHI is taking up the inherent responsibility in humans to care for all beings and our Mother Earth who sustains us.

CHI is connecting to nature and village ways for the health of people, families, communities and systems for sharing, caring, growing and building.

CHI is re-cogniz-ing the sentience of all beings, their value, their autonomy and chemistry in creative purpose.

CHI is a healing and reconciliation of the feminine and masculine energies within us, their outward expression, and the way we balance them in all we are and make.

CHI is knowing that economies and ecologies go hand in hand, and that humans and the way humans organize are ecologies within ecologies within and beside ecologies.

Healthy Human + Healthy Relationships = Healthy ecologies/economies.

All is connected.  Generation generates.  Degeneration degenerates.  Inner, outer.  Outer, inner.  Life.

CHI is life making life in a partnership of shared vision, morals, needs and active creativity.

CHI is a conversation about waking up to what is going on in the world and responding as if the fate of all beings and creation is held in the care of the village. 

CHI is being co-founded by a growing list of people acting as community healing facilitators.  We meet weekly in the CHI Hub for sharing, learning, healing, and co-creating.  We work through grief and support each other with personal dreams and needs.  We apply this growth to the illumination and expansion of CHI.

CHI was initiated into the world publicly on the Spring Equinox of 2016 by Patti Lindgren Gera and Esther Stenberg with support from Randy Thomas Jones and Rob Brown.

CHI is informed by the spirit and soul of life itself.  It is an impetus, intelligence and power for natural co-creation and we who gather are learning how to attune.

We thank the Ancestors for all they have done to help us get here.  We thank every human and every being for all we have witnessed, experienced, held, grieved, and moved for all time.

Many people from in and around Saskatoon have participated in events of varying types for healing and creativity with CHI’s first year.  Gratitude to each and every one who has come to share the learning and growing.

In December or 2016, Patricia Smith joined the CHI Hub as a co-founding community healing facilitator.   We grow with each soul who latches on and makes a commitment to a healing our original nature and village heart, with the hub growing into a strong core visited and even frequented by others, regularly.

CHI is meant to be in a public space, where we all share ownership, responsibility, resources, and benefits.  We are working toward a community funded centre for conscious healing and co-creating, a model physical village, and a vibrant network of community healing facilitators competent and excelling in natural and village healing knowledge, wisdom, and intent.

CHI is a non-registered, non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious collaboration of ordinary people, causing the kind of community that is in touch with its roots and its truths, working together to enjoy life while causing health and benefit for all.


Written by Patti Lindgren Gera on February 21, 2017

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